CloudU: Independent Software Vendors

Extend Your Vision

You built the best software—now showcase it in the best light. CloudU empowers you to extend the commitment to your users with straightforward creation of guided lessons. Share your expert content to connect your customers to your software and amplify your dedication to excellence.

CloudU for Independent Software Vendors

CloudU is a modern, nimble, mobile-friendly, and on-demand solution for capturing and sharing your specialized expertise. Providing robust search capabilities and an easy-to-use interface, CloudU makes knowledge available in 15 languages 24/7/365. Infinitely scalable, there is no limit to the amount of content you can share. With secure storage, easy access on any device, and no software to install, you can start sharing your content today!


Increase user proficiency

You have earned the trust of your customers by delivering exceptional software. Keep your solution vibrant by committing to continued learning. CloudU is an efficient alternative to traditional workarounds that keeps your customers engaged.

Strengthen relationships by upskilling existing clients and igniting passion with new users. Your turnkey CloudU portal provides reliable and engaging education on your software.


Grow user community

Your software thrives in an ecosystem championed by customers, prospects, employees, and partners. CloudU is the catalyst to cultivate your community by building brand advocates.

  • Customers: Deliver a library of up-to-date online assets that can be consumed at users’ own pace.
  • Prospects: Attract previously unattainable prospects by providing a multi-lingual solution.
  • Employees: Create a culture of learning by using CloudU as a training tool for your workforce.
  • Partners: Build a new strategic chapter in your partner community showcasing a centralized hub featuring your software’s capabilities.

CloudU improves engagement, addresses the distinct needs of your users, and effortlessly connects your network to your solutions.


Realize revenue sources

  • Increased sales: Boost your customized training strategy with a complete solution that showcases your software.
  • Subscription: Launch a business model for your clients who want to pay for the premium experience.
  • Knowledge link: Capitalize on your brand by developing and selling a comprehensive custom solution with exclusive access.
  • Partnership: Become a CloudU partner and resell the CloudU experience.

Slice customer support costs

Decrease calls and tickets and eliminate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what you do best: develop quality, intelligent software. Create a brandable cloud-based portal to address increasing customer support costs. Software users and IT administrators can now seek answers independently 24/7/365, freeing your employees to tackle more complex issues.


Slash traditional training expenses

As your user base grows, training costs continue to rise. Control expenses and scale learning programs for onboarding or upskilling. CloudU is a proven and cost-effective alternative to in-person and online traditional delivery.

Cut the excessive costs of conventional training while offering your customers distinctive user features such as trackable progress, analytics, quizzes, and certificates.

Make Your Expert Knowledge Work for You

Step 1

Sign up for CloudU

Step 2

Build custom expert content

Step 3

Connect clients to your content