Create Your University

For the first time, you have the power to transform your vast expertise into corporate knowledge assets. CloudU is the secure, scalable, and centralized knowledge hub that completely transforms the way you create, store, organize, and share information across your enterprise.

You have invested in the deep smarts of your business and ecosystem. Put that investment to work for you!

Maximize the Business Value of Your Knowledge Assets

In today’s virtual world, organizations foster communication, engagement, and collaboration through digital tools. This critical information and its potential are invariably scattered between teams, silos, hierarchies, and shifting workforce demographics threatening business continuity. CloudU seamlessly solves the problem of how knowledge is developed, scaled, shared, and maintained throughout your organization - without paying for costly integration, IT infrastructure, or complex, bloated software. The result is your own private, secure, and customizable University.


Transform your board strategy to ensure sound decision-making and decisive leadership.


Organize, manage, and scale internal knowledge across your organization to ensure alignment and productivity. Build a culture of learning with a private, login-required knowledge base for clients.


Drive talent development, performance, and engagement holistically, and turn talent management into talent acceleration.


Transcribe, archive, organize, and search for any keyword instantly and access relevant information. Optimize efficiency and performance.


Boost customer loyalty, engagement, and retention by delivering conferences and training content online, long after live events. Increase global participation with instant translation and 24/7 access.

Education & Training

Facilitate course creation, administration, and delivery of educational curriculum and training programs in one central location. Build standard operating procedures like employee and sales/marketing playbooks.

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People who consider unique knowledge to be much more difficult to replace than formal education or professional training.


Customers who would make use of an available knowledge base if it were tailored to their specific requirements.


Respondents who believe specialized knowledge is the most valuable type of knowledge at work.

Turn Knowledge into Achievement – Generate Sustainable Growth

CloudU is synonymous with simplicity, security, scalability, and affordability. Our mission is to align with your top priority - transforming knowledge into a key corporate asset. Ensure business continuity and accelerate knowledge distribution by capturing any vital information that propels, protects, or sustains your company. Your CloudU University is a single, centralized hub for your collections of organizational know-how, where users around the world can post, search, and consume it all in their own language.


Bring uniformity through best practices and processes, eliminate rework, reduce risks, and improve business performance and compliance.


Promote coactive knowledge creation, ideation, and sharing. Maximize professional capital by making learning routine.

Competitive Advantage

Increase operational efficiency by unifying experience and streamlining internal communications to gain competitive advantage.


Capture learning from experience, codify and preserve knowledge for future access and use, and build sustainability into your business.


Provide access to the overall internal expertise, facilitating more informed decision-making.


Tie knowledge to action, stimulate creativity, and inspire high-performing innovation.

How it Works

Step 1

Sign up for CloudU in a few simple clicks

Step 2

Build your exclusive, scalable knowledge hub

Step 3

Make your enterprise intelligence work for you


Who's in CloudU?

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