Why CloudU?

The Foundation for Your Digital Knowledge Transformation

Why transform knowledge into the digital domain? First, digital knowledge liberates your audience from the restrictions of traditional media. The CloudU digital domain allows you to create your virtual University, providing search, content re-use, multi-modal consumption (video, audio, text, asynchronous), language translation, accessibility anywhere and anytime, progress tracking, analytics, and more. Second, your audience has an appetite for digital convenience. Whether on websites or mobile devices, digital content elevates the world’s expectations of how media should be delivered. Last, because of recent innovations in digital knowledge, the best time is now for you to lead and change the rules of the game.

In other words, moving to the digital domain can:

Increase your community’s engagement

Expand your reach to more communities and ecosystems

Secure compliance with critical data standards and regulations

Position you as a digital innovation leader

Build as Usual

The Cost Barrier

Given the compelling benefits of digital knowledge, what impedes successful digital transformation? Cost. The exponential cost barrier to the digital domain sinks best intentions and efforts. Consider a rudimentary breakdown of cost relative to budget and value. Setting aside the considerable cost to build from scratch, let us focus on infrastructure.

Infrastructure comprises the set of services that deliver your digital content. At a minimum the infrastructure must be secure, scalable, performant, maintainable, manageable, cost-effective, and readily accessible anywhere/anytime. To be useful to your audience, the infrastructure must also provide: comprehensive search, multi-device access, transcripts, translations, and a seamless experience.

Next, the infrastructure maintenance must: assure 24/7 365 day up-time; evolve with best security practices and regulations; and evolve with new features and capabilities.

All components must work together seamlessly and be delivered within a practical timeframe. Finally, you must create the content so the benefits can be realized. Cost and time, however, overwhelm budget and value.

Build Better, Build Smarter

The Case for CloudU

Fortunately, there is a better way: CloudU. CloudU is a digital knowledge platform that insulates you from the debilitating costs of digital transformation.

All in one platform, CloudU efficiently and seamlessly covers: authentication, security, 100% availability, device independence, search, transcription, translation, infinite scalability, performance, zero maintenance, total data autonomy, and ease of use.

The result is the fiscally responsible realization of your digital transformation vision. Now your budget covers the CloudU costs and your costs to create content for your own, customizable University. The result: a sophisticated presentation of digital content that rivals the best solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The Ultimate Platform

CloudU is an optimal platform for your digital transformation ambitions because it solves the cost problem while integrating best-of-breed artificial intelligence. Leveraging the best practices of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, it gives you complete data autonomy. Your content is always yours. CloudU is built for long-term, lifelong learning and success, with achievements credited, tracked, and stored perpetually. With CloudU, you can simplify the creation of your compelling and innovative experiences.

The CloudU Platform

Based on 100% cloud architecture, CloudU is a central, secure hub for all your knowledge assets. Beyond handling vital operational concerns such as security and authentication, CloudU provides a rich digital knowledge discovery system complete with automatic search, transcription, translation, and authoring tools. Below, we highlight key aspects of the CloudU strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

CloudU cognitive services power intelligent search, transcription, and translation of your digital content. This means a richer user experience and higher audience accessibility.

When you transcribe a video, your learners can search, read, listen, skip ahead, and learn asynchronously. When you translate a video, you increase the audience of your content to non-English speakers—which increases your content’s exposure.

However, consider the costs at industry average rates:

Even if these costs are within your budget, consider the delays in getting the transcriptions and translations. Consider who will manage consolidating the transcription and translations into a cohesive experience.

With CloudU AI, the platform instantly transcribes, translates, and unifies the digital content into one cohesive experience. The CloudU AI transcription and translation costs are a minuscule fraction of industry average costs.

Leveraging Industry Standards

In the hyper-changing digital world, how can you keep up? By leveraging the billion-dollar-a-year Microsoft Azure investment. This CloudU strategy future-proofs your investment.

Complete Data Autonomy

CloudU ushers in the era of Complete Data Autonomy. In the CloudU platform, your data is yours. CloudU, among other best practices, encrypts all your content at rest.


Built with ISO 27001 and NIST SP800-171 compliance by default, CloudU protects your digital investment. Your data is secure behind an audited and monitored cloud architecture.

Infinite Scalability

Whether you have large or small knowledge assets, CloudU scales to the size you need when you need it. Say goodbye to scaling headaches, hardware upgrades, outages, and delays.


CloudU uses modern Authentication standards such as Office 365 and Okta. Authentication seamlessly doubles as the tracking unit for an individual’s learning progress and online experience in CloudU.

Simple Authoring

If you can write an email, you can create CloudU content. The modern content editor is simple and powerful—which democratizes content creation.

Available Anytime and Everywhere

The CloudU platform comes complete with 24/7 365 monitoring, so your content is always available. There is no software to download or maintain. The CloudU architecture provides web and mobile access from anywhere in the world.

5 Key Takeaways

CloudU is the platform to make your digital transformation a reality.

Create content instantly.

Deliver a sophisticated user experience that rivals the best institution.

Go live instantly.

Supports your needs now and in the future.