CloudU: Governments

Leverage More and Better Data

Local, state, and federal government agencies at all levels are undergoing digital transformation in order to deliver services and programs more efficiently, transparently, and cost-effectively and improve communication and community engagement and experience. CloudU lets government agencies engage with citizens, share information, and deliver services more quickly and effectively than ever before, and makes content instantly available and searchable in any language.

Scalable Digital Solution Platform To Power Your success

Communication and public interaction are fundamental needs of all government bodies. And videos are transforming the way governments and public agencies engage, communicate, share, teach, train, learn, and collaborate.

From communications to public meetings and public records, CloudU is the secure digital platform that drives your transformational success and effectiveness. Use it for generating action spreading awareness, providing public service updates, sensitizing about critical issues (e.g., environment, climate change, health and safety, natural disasters), introducing free educational programs, publishing training and compliance videos, streaming meetings and important events, recruiting volunteers, signing petitions, seeking feedback or opinion over a cause, generating funds or support and a lot of other purposes. And you can also allow users to showcase their work and how-to videos.

Reach the Right People, Provide Service, Create Meaningful Engagement

With CloudU as a service delivery channel, governments and public agencies are able to greatly improve service delivery and citizen satisfaction. And the increased mobility and flexibility is making CloudU knowledge hub for government a necessity. Key benefits include:

Internal Communications and Collaboration

CloudU helps you build and sustain organizational knowledge and improve productivity and collaboration, providing team members the opportunity to create their own content and share it with others within the protected video viewing environments. Each and every department becomes aware of the progress of projects and the roles of associates involved.

Knowledge Delivery Hub

CloudU is your knowledge hub providing users with the ease of locating content because it’s organized, centralized, and searchable, helping increase the quality of staff communications, along with knowledge sharing, collaboration, training, and public engagement. Users can engage with a compelling experience that allows them to easily search, browse, watch, and learn from selected videos.

Government Communications and Public Engagement

CloudU is a powerful way to engage and strategically communicate with the public. Your videos can be searched and accessed 24/7 in a secured and convenient way.

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