CloudU: Engineering & Construction

Power Digital Solutions for Sustained Success

Your industry faces enormous challenges: health and safety trials, regulatory compliance, and environmental problems, to name a few. To combat these challenges as civil engineers, you often use visual technology for building or bettering critical infrastructure.

Scalable Digital Video Solution

  • Digital solutions, such as drone footage, supports design, construction, maintenance, surveys, and inspections.
  • Various video methods allow for monitoring of underground assets such as sewers, water pipes, and tunnels.
  • CCTV recordings provide for assessment of critical infrastructure like buildings, bridges, roads, and levees.

Access to this relevant information enables you to make informed data-driven decisions, proactively correct inaccuracies, address common deficiencies, and improve meaningful engagement with project stakeholders. Introducing CloudU!

Inspire a New Knowledge Paradigm

Your organization must manage the development, scalability, and maintenance of knowledge - without spending money on costly IT infrastructure and complex, bloated software. With CloudU, you can store all the information in one accessible place, linking disparate sources into a centralized, intelligent knowledge hub.

A Comprehensive Ready-to-Operate Knowledge Hub

The CloudU knowledge hub provides a straightforward and simple to use solution. With no software to download, you can start immediately to amplify knowledge across your organization. Evolve from an organization of experts to an expert organization.

Knowledge retrieval on any device, in any language

Retrieve project information, such as plans and drawings, instantly wherever you need it – whether in the office or in the field.

Private and secure connections

Grant permissions to individuals and groups according to your project-specific governance.

Documentation of complex processes

Create a repository of best practices, operational manuals, and industry guidelines to maximize organizational resilience.

Advanced search functionality

Find any keyword (e.g., cracks) or phrase (e.g., critical cracks) in any video – a feature that becomes exponentially valuable with ever-growing infrastructure project video footage.

Sustainable infrastructure

Maximize productivity along your entire infrastructure lifecycle journey (plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain).

Aging workforce knowledge management

Transfer your hard-earned technical know-how to train and mentor future generations in the industry.

Safety Management

Create and share safety programs and policies as well as manage orientations with project owners and general contractors.

Quality Management

Minimize costly errors and rework and keep projects on schedule.

Make Your Expert Knowledge Work for You

Step 1

Sign up for CloudU

Step 2

Invite internal or external experts to develop content

Step 3

Securely distribute the knowledge any way you need it