CloudU: Educational Institutions

A Foundational Investment

Never before have forces been driving the transformation of higher education. With sweeping social, economic, technological, and demographic changes, colleges and universities are facing rising operating costs and changing expectations of the learning experience. These trends elevate the urgency to replace legacy IT infrastructure and applications with technology that better equips higher education for a digital world.

As a foundational investment for the higher education sector, CloudU enables innovative educational and operating models that empower institutions to improve operations, strategic direction, and value proposition. Furthermore, CloudU solves the logistical problems and removes barriers to digital transformations. Improved outcomes include enhancing key business and operational processes, building community through a culture of collaboration and innovation, and advancing the institution’s priorities.

How does CloudU Benefit Universities

CloudU offers significant benefits to all college and university stakeholders. It supports all elements of a student-centric services ecosystem by encompassing the entire student life cycle: from prospecting, to enrollment, to teaching, to learning and campus life, to job placement, to alumni engagement, and through continuing education.

For faculty, CloudU helps to create an interdisciplinary community focused on scholarship and professional growth. In addition, it reduces faculty workloads and improves work/life balance, freeing up more time for more meaningful activities such as directly connecting with students. This creates a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle of learning, thus improving and maximizing student success.

CloudU lets colleges and universities achieve better results in the areas that matter most: student success and faculty development and growth.

Transformative Experience

CloudU evolves institutions into digital innovators that rapidly transform the educational journey. Uniquely attuned to the educational needs, CloudU strategically empowers schools and universities to foster interdisciplinary success.

Advancing Student Success

CloudU systematically transforms the student educational journey. It powers new and innovative digital education delivery and learning opportunities—enabling a student experience that is personalized and seamless. CloudU helps students to plan and track their academic success—putting them at a competitive advantage when they graduate.

Advancing student success also means increased government funding and sustained donations from alumni. In addition, many adult learners are looking for more options that accommodate their work and family needs.

CloudU enables institutions to become digital innovators efficiently keeping pace with changing societal norms, responding to evolving student preferences, and providing stability in the face of unexpected local and global events.

Faculty Development and Advancement

Institutions of higher education constantly strive to support their faculty by creating an interdisciplinary community focused on scholarship and professional growth. They promote a student-centered approach to teaching to enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving by providing support to faculty as they balance cutting-edge research with thoughtful instruction.

They offer resources, programs, and services that effectively support faculty throughout their career, including onboarding, leadership programs, community of practice, mentoring programs, communications and grant writing, compelling presentations, publishing, success programs, work/life balance, and navigating departmental silos and cultures, and many more.

By supporting faculty in the important and challenging work of crafting transformative learning experiences and by fostering a culture in which effective teaching is highly valued and rewarded, these leading student-centric universities and colleges ensure student success and prepare them well into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

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